St. Michael's Church




We are now at the peak of the hot summer. When the temperatures are soaring outside, let us make use of this time to relax and have fun together as a family. Since summer is a time when most people tend to slow down their schedules and take it easy, it gives an opportunity for a bit more rest and to catch up on things that one may have not been able to do for a long time due to hectic work schedule or busy family life. Now with the schools closed, not just children, but as parents you too will have extra time on hand and be able to do different things other than your usual routines. You can plan outings or get-to-gathers, visit friends, and enjoy your time together as a family. Remember your family relationships are closest and probably the most enduring loving relationships you will have in your lives and the effort that you put in to spend time together as family will go a long way in creating a bond of love and unity that can never be broken.


This summer, we organized a Spiritual Summer Camp for 1350 children in our parish in the age group of 5 - 18 years, which commenced from June 30 and concluded on July 11. It was a grand success and the children had teaching that was beautifully and practically structured, to help them know God in a deeper way, and were also kept engaged with exciting activities and programs with a spiritual focus.


Summer vacations are also healthy and an exciting time for the whole family as they help to de-stress, visit new places and bond as a family. Since we are all expatriates here and have our parents, siblings or extended family members back home, short family vacations are a good time to visit family members and friends back home to bond together and build good and caring relationships. For those who are unable to go on summer vacations or have postponed their vacations to another time of the year, summertime provides ample opportunities to spend quality time with your loved ones, especially since children look forward to have fun, outdoor activities - to play, go to park, or you can even dine out together as a family. Summer will be long over before we know it, but the shared family memories and special time together with your loved ones will have a long lasting impact in the family relationships and will definitely be memorable and cherished forever.


Finally, let’s not forget God in the midst of all our summer activities or vacation, and remember to celebrate and enjoy the presence of God in our lives at all times. Moreover, summertime is an ideal time for spiritual growth for the entire family and to “have rest in the Lord”, so my dear brothers and sisters continue to have family prayer time and attend the Church services.


Hope you will all have a blessed summer.


Fr. Ani Xavier OFM Cap

Parish Priest